What To Include On Your Resume (And What You Can Ditch)

August 23, 2016 Catawba Careers 0

What should absolutely be included on your resume? And what can you ditch? My new client, Frank, was struggling hard with this question. He had only three years of professional work experience — and his […]

7 Reasons the Best Employees Quit, Even When They Like Their Job

August 23, 2016 Catawba Careers 0

Losing a great employee is a terrible thing. There’s the expense of finding, onboarding, and training a replacement. There’s the uncertainty of how a new employee will work out. There’s the hardship on the rest […]

Demand for Upholsterers Drives CVCC Furniture Academy

August 2, 2016 Catawba Careers 0

North Carolina’s once highly-acclaimed furniture industry is all but dead, if you believe conventional wisdom. That’s understandable. A lot of manufacturing has shut down and moved to China over the last 20 years. But not […]

Is Landing a “Starter Job” More Complicated than Pokémon Go?

July 20, 2016 Catawba Careers 0

Pokemon Go players using a free download on their Android/iPhone attempting to catch Pokémon has almost the same investment as most job seekers looking to land that first starter job. This minimalist technology approach may […]

Discover Career Options with Career Coach

June 27, 2016 Catawba Careers 0

Discover more about your career options and make good decisions using the most current local data about career fields and job opportunities. Let Career Coach help you prepare for success! » Visit Career Coach Career Coach […]

Finding the Right Job with the Right Company: 4 Factors to Consider

June 8, 2016 Catawba Careers 0

How do you find the right job with the right company? There are four factors you need to consider: learning potential career path the company’s position within the industry organizational culture We’ll discuss each one […]

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