Caldwell County Board of Commissioners approves incentives for up to 95 new jobs

From Caldwell County Economic Development Reports

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Caldwell County will offer incentives to another three companies considering moving here and creating a combined 95 new jobs.

The largest of the three projects to come for the Caldwell County Board of Commissioners involved a company identified as Project Zephyr that has a facility on the West Coast and is considering multiple sites, including several of which are in Caldwell County. The company produces decorative pieces of building material from raw materials that are 100 percent recycled and will manufacture with “the most state-of-the-art processes in the world,” Caldwell County Economic Development Commission Executive Director Deborah Murray said.

The company has a five-year plan to create several divisions and products; the first phase would involve a $30 million investment in the first year and could create up to 60 full-time jobs with wages “substantially more” than the county’s average, Murray said.

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