CVCC Engineering Club and Radiography Students Collaborate on NASA Project

Radiography-High Altitude Balloon Competition Assistance '16Catawba Valley Community College radiography students are assisting the CVCC Engineering Club on a project that will launch a high altitude balloon into space in conjunction with the North Carolina Community College High Altitude Balloon Payload Competition sponsored by the NASA funded North Carolina Space Grant.

Radiography students helped Engineering Club members test a light-weight protective coating that the club members developed. The coating, which will be applied to the balloon payload, absorbs x-ray radiation, which damages organic material in space.

Successfully developing a lighter weight coating could potentially save money in future NASA space exploration. They took radiological exposures of a control and the sample with the coating to measure the amount of radiation transmitted through each sample.

Pictured (from left) are Wes Winburn, Engineering Club president; radiography students Nicole Watts and Amy Estep, Radiography Club president; and Lela Yang, Challenger Early College High School Student and Engineering Club member.