CVCC Students Transform College’s Front Lawn Into Golf Fairway

From Catawba Valley Community College Reports

Fairway on the Front Law Project-Turf Students 2017-18

Some of Catawba Valley Community College’s Turfgrass Management Technology graduates manage golf courses around the world. But their skills are hard to appreciate unless you happen to play golf at the courses where they work as superintendents or grounds managers.

Students in Turfgrass Management faculty member Jimmy Abernathy’s Turf 110 class found a way to put their skills front and center by developing a fairway and green on the college’s “front lawn” on US Hwy. 70 around the monument sign of the main campus.

“The area is broken up so that each student is responsible for a specific part on the site,” said Abernathy. “It’s a challenging area with a lot of shade, limited irrigation and poor soil.”

Their goal is to establish a legitimate, scaled down golf tee box, fairway and green. The project will be maintained and improved yearly by the students.

For more information about enrolling in either program, contact CVCC’s Turfgrass & Horticulture Program Manager Steve Peeler, 828-327-7000, ext. 4755,