Friends of Hickory discuss education priorities

By Emily Willis, Hickory Daily Record

Friends of Hickory Artwork

Friends of Hickory (FOH) had their second meeting last week, where they invited a few influential members of the community to discuss topics of education in the county.

“Education is one of the most important topics for the health of our community,” Allison Holtzman, a member of FOH, said. “We’ve had our eye on the needs of Hickory and education has been one of them.”

The speakers at the meeting included the CVCC President, President of the Hickory Education Foundation and the Communications and Marketing Director of Catawba County.

“Education is changing,” Dr. Garrett Hinshaw, president of CVCC, said. “The roles of the public schools, community colleges and four-year institutions are lending more of a focus on what our employers need and what our other higher education partners need.”