Is Landing a “Starter Job” More Complicated than Pokémon Go?

Workemon Go Logo ArtworkPokemon Go players using a free download on their Android/iPhone attempting to catch Pokémon has almost the same investment as most job seekers looking to land that first starter job. This minimalist technology approach may explain why more people are not successful in achieving the competitive edge they need to join their organization of choice.

In highly competitive fields, rejection can present an obstacle that affects people’s self-concept. While gamers may not be successful in finding the Pokémon, the successful ones demonstrate how they differ from the rest of the estimated 7.5 million who have downloaded the game.

A little research tells the serious career seeker that employers like individuals who project enthusiasm and display energy. People who see themselves as successful and who exhibit positive thinking are perceived by others as more competent, mature, and dynamic in the interview process.

Employers know and understand the value of employees with assertive attitudes. Individuals who believe in themselves have been shown in studies to perform work-related tasks more effectively than those who scored lower on self-reported confidence levels. Mental and physical energy appear to be closely related.

Self-talk is closely related to self-concept. Author and lecturer Julie Levitt suggests dwelling on past successes when beginning the interview process. Mentally reinforcing moments of achievement adds to motivation. Touching on strengths, skills, and abilities offers evidence of your emphasis on action as well as your positive self-concept. If you find yourself repeating negative phrases, your self-talk may require a fundamental shift.

Unlike Pokémon Go with its short-term goals, the successful job seeker must have a longer vision of how the entry-level job can prepare a foundation that provides long-term opportunities. Levitt suggests dropping negative communication phrases, such as “I’ll try…,” “I should do…,” and “I have to…,” for positive ones, such as “I will…,” “I will do…,” and “I want to… / I choose to…” Hopefully, following these tips will make the entry level job search more successful than a Pokémon Go session.