Taking Charge of Talent: How Manufacturing’s Future Relies on You

Mike Johnston - Vice President of Government Affairs, Michigan Manufacturers Association

factory-worker-building-gear image

Most manufacturers are proud of what they do. They take pride in working with their hands and utilizing new technology. There’s a spark of creativity within them and they strive to be innovative and unique. There’s a magic to manufacturing. That is manufacturing’s reality.

Why, then, are less than a third of parents willing to push their son or daughter toward manufacturing? Why is it viewed as dark and dirty and dangerous—a job of last resort, rather than a career of limitless opportunity?

The image of manufacturing is in jeopardy. By now, manufacturers should not have to be reminded that fixing it relies on them. Nobody outside the industry will work to change it unless manufacturing leaders are willing to step up and do their part to lead the discussion and locate potential partnerships.

Over the next few months, manufacturers will have three opportunities to change the conversation and showcase the excitement of what they do in their local community.

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